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The debate about the constitutionality of "hostile work environment" harassment law is in large part a debate about this. If harassment jcaksonville bans only hard-core pornography, personal slurs, and repeated indecent propositions, people might have one view about it. If, on the other hand, it restricts political and religious statements, prints of Francisco de Goya paintings, sexually themed perhaps spirit chat room even misogynistic jokes, and the like, people's views might be quite different. Some might condemn the law in either event, and some might approve of it in either event, but for quite a few people the decision may be influenced by the law's scope. I'm deeply flattered that Professor Epstein chose to respond to my article on freedom of speech and workplace harassment.

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The debate about the constitutionality of "hostile work environment" harassment law is in large part a debate about this. If harassment law bans only hard-core pornography, personal slurs, and repeated indecent propositions, people might have one view about it. If, on the other hand, it restricts political and religious statements, prints of Francisco de Goya paintings, sexually themed perhaps not even misogynistic jokes, and the like, people's views might be quite different.

Some might condemn the law in either event, and some might approve of it in either event, but for quite a few people the decision may be influenced by the law's scope.

I'm deeply flattered that Professor Epstein chose to respond to my article on okd of speech and workplace harassment. With her article and some of the others that have recently been written on this subject, the various First Local free sex talk quitman georgia doctrinal arguments have finally been fully aired. I doubt that it would be useful for me to go over all this ground again here.

Speech can be punished as workplace harassment if it's "severe or pervasive" enough to create a "hostile or abusive work environment" based on race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or, in some jurisdictions, sexual orientation, political affiliation, citizenship status, marital status, or personal appearance, for the plaintiff and for a reasonable person. It does not require that the speech consist of obscenity or fighting words or threats or other constitutionally unprotected statements.

It does not require that the speech be profanity or pornography, which some have considered "low value. Even if I wanted to personally take time to appreciate this kind of "art," I reserve the right for that to be my choice and to not have it thrust in my face on my way into a meeting with my superiors, most of whom are men. A state court has in fact found that it was religious harassment for an employer to findfr religious articles in its employee newsletter and Christian-themed verses on its haughty.

For example, in one of the departments Professors displayed inflammatory pictures and postings, offensive to Vietnam era veterans on their office windows facing the corridors.

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But a Vietnam era veteran was required to remove a poster considered offensive by members of a non-protected group. During the most recent military action of Operation Desert Storm, the negative attitude toward Vietnam era veterans became vocal.

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Complaints regarding the offensive postings and verbal harassment were brought to anughty attention of University Executives. Department of Labor pamphlet likewise defines harassment as including cases where "[s]omeone made sexual jokes or said sexual things that you didn't like," with no requirement that the jokes be insulting or even misogynistic. And if the outcomes in the above cases were, as Professor Epstein suggests, "bizarre judicial misapplications," "exception[s] to the rule" that should be ignored in determining the rule's true scope, it could only be because the speech in those cases didn't meet the severity or pervasiveness thresholds.

After all, nothing in the rule they were told to apply says that religious proselytizing, political commentary, or off-color jokes are insulated from liability. Perhaps you or I can say that a reasonable person ought not find Bible verses or the phrase "Men Working" or jokes about sexually graphic road s okd be "severe" or "pervasive" enough to create a hostile environment; but obviously other people, who probably thought chat de latino to be quite reasonable, have disagreed.

What speech does "hostile work environment" harassment law restrict?

I'm not completely sure what it means to say that people have "bizarre[ly] misappli[ed]" such terms. They might just have had a different notion of how offensive something must be to be "severe," or how frequent it must be brussels sex chat be "pervasive. We must judge it by how naugyty might expect it to be applied by the variety of fact-finders in our judicial system.

And I imagine that in that system, quite a few fact-finders will conclude that various religious statements, political posters, "vulgar and degrading" jokes, and "indecent" art can indeed be "severe" or "pervasive" enough to create a hostile environment.

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Perhaps one can argue that this is acceptable; but one can't deny that this will happen. Whatever shelter there is for such speech must come olr the "severe or pervasive" requirement. The heart of a defense of harassment law, I take it, would be an assertion sexy text to boyfriend this requirement--despite the examples I gave above--will shield all protected speech except the most obnoxious.

Let's consider, though, how this would work out in practice. Imagine you're an naighty lawyer, and an employer comes to you and says: "Help me out. The speech sounds to me like normal political argument, and I don't want to suppress it.

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But I also don't want to be stuck with a big lawsuit. Saying "Well, you're OK if the speech isn't severe or pervasive enough to create a hostile or abusive environment" obviously gets you nowhere: The employer will just ask you "Well, is it severe or broken arrow free phone naughty chat enough or isn't it?

Contrary to the position I've just outlined, she argues that "an employer can easily create a narrow, speech-protective antiharassment policy that minimizes any chilling effect": One strategy is to explain to workers fibder they may make gender-specific or sexual comments until they receive an indication from a particular employee that such statements are unwelcome. Once a worker has indicated that the speech is unwelcome, the speaker should be directed to either stop or set up a meeting with a deated EEO officer for advice.

At that point, they must either shut up or schedule a meeting with a "deated EEO officer" before ild further. Gone is any requirement that the speech be "severe or pervasive," or that it create a hostile or abusive environment, or that it even be offensive to a reasonable person. The policy Professor Epstein suggests would bar any "gender-specific or sexual" speech so long as there's any objection, at least until one gets clearance from above. This is "a narrow, speech-protective antiharassment policy that minimizes any chilling effect"?

Many employers, because of ignorance friend chatting sites bigotry or whatever else, ignore the risk of liability and don't suppress speech or conduct that should be jacksonvikle. And though I have no idea whether "in the vast majority of cases, the judiciary is not engaging in overbroad enforcement, but instead is failing to impose liability," 33 I'm sure this underenforcement happens in some cases, perhaps many cases.

But other employers pay attention to the risk and consequently suppress any speech that might possibly be seen as harassment, even if you and I would agree that it's not severe or pervasive enough that a reasonable person would conclude that it creates jacksoonville hostile environment. Likewise, some fact-finders are imposing fairly low thresholds of severity or pervasiveness, even as other fact-finders are imposing higher ones.

In those cases, the law may pose First Amendment problems regardless of whether it's underenforced in other situations.

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This, though, isn't some slight drafting flaw that can be corrected with a bit of tinkering: harassment law by its nature restricts individual statements, even when they're clearly not severe or pervasive enough to generate a hostile environment. Recall that a hostile environment can be created by many different employees, each making only one or a few offensive statements. Individually, the statements might not be "severe latincupid american espanol pervasive" enough to create liability, but in the aggregate they may be actionable.

An employer can't just announce to its employees: "Say whatever you like, so long as the aggregate of all your statements and all the other employees' statements isn't so severe or pervasive that it creates a hostile environment. If the employer wants to protect itself, it must tell each employee what speech that employee must avoid.

The employer's only reliable protection is a zero-tolerance policy, 35 one which prohibits any statement that, when aggregated with other statements, may lead to a hostile environment. This is what many employment experts in fact advise. At the very least, you must insist that supervisors never engage in sexual joking or innuendo[; t]hat also goes for employees who hope to be promoted into supervisory positions.

Nip These Activities in the Findr.

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Don't let your employees [p]ost pin-up photographs on the walls[, or t]ell sexual jokes or make innuendos. Take a Look: "If you think there's any chance that what you are doing is unwelcome or madison tennessee sex chat room, knock it off. To avoid liability, the prudent employer will proscribe all speech and conduct that may constitute harassment. The possibility of creating a "chilling effect" from prohibiting speech and conduct that may constitute harassment is outweighed by the risk of ificant liability.

The pictures were hung by another female janitor using them as inspiration for pumping iron. What should be done? Confused about harassment? Well, then follow [the game creator's] advice. Don't say or do anything around an employee or co-worker that you wouldn't do around your spouse, your child, or dear old mom.

Examples of conduct which could be considered sexual harassment include:. Gender Harassment: Generalized gender-based remarks and behavior. Any sexually-oriented. Any displays [of] materials that are in any way sexually revealing, sexually suggestive, sexually demeaning jzcksonville pornographic. The policies--just like Professor Epstein's proposed policy--on their face condemn every such incident; and, of course, what else could they do?

These are not hysterical overreactions of the misinformed.

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They are exactly what one should expect from reasonable, prudent lawyers jackxonville advice on making money chat rooms to avoid liability in the real world. City Hall complained about a painting depicting a partly naked womanthe City Attorney had it taken down, saying: I feel more comfortable siding with protecting the rights under the Title VII sexual harassment statutes than.

We wouldn't permit that type of drawing or picture to hang in the fire hall. As naughth as I'm concerned, a naked woman is a naked woman. One court, for instance, has ordered an employer and its employees to "refrain from any racial, religious, ethnic, or other remarks or slurs contrary to their fellow employees' religious beliefs" 49 personals chatting severe-or-pervasive threshold there.

Employers, after all, are also "obligated to insure" that harassment won't happen. Consider, for instance, Najghty v.

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Great Lakes Chat with lake guntersville alabama hot teens, 58 in which a Muslim employee of Syrian descent sued for national origin and religious harassment. Part of the alleged harassment was direct, personal insults, but part was coworkers generally referring to Muslim religious leaders as "toilet seat[s]" and suggesting, in the context of the Gulf War, that the United States "nuke Iraq and Syria" and "go back [to Libya] and wipe them off the face of the earth.

It can't just say to its employees "It's fine for you to make offensive political statements about Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Muslim religious leaders, unless some other people are also mistreating the offended worker in other ways about which you, the employee, might not even know. This may be why the Supreme Court has repeatedly made clear that the First Amendment is implicated whenever liability is based even in part on protected speech; 61 any such liability will deter people from engaging in the protected speech as well as the unprotected conduct.

The restrictions barred even isolated incidents of grossly offensive speech, but, Professor Grey argued, this australia chat room no registration necessary to prevent a hostile educational environment: 63 [T]he injury of discriminatory denial of educational access through maintenance of a hostile environment can arise from single acts of discrimination on the part of many different individuals.

To deal with a form of abuse that is repetitive to its victims, and hence constitutes the continuing injury of harassment to them, it is necessary to prohibit the individual actions that, when added up, amount to institutional discrimination. On its face, harassment law draws no distinction among slurs, pornography, political, religious, or social commentary, jokes, art, and other forms of speech. All can be punished, so long as they are "severe or pervasive" enough to create a "hostile environment.

The vagueness of the terms "severe" and "pervasive"--and the fact that the law is implemented by employers, who have an incentive to oversuppress--means that the law may practically restrict any speech that an employer concludes might be found by a fact-finder to be "severe or pervasive" enough.

Finally, because an employer is liable for the aggregate of all its employees' speech, wise employers will bar any sort of statement that might, if repeated by enough people, be "severe or pervasive" enough to create a hostile environment. Putting all this together, harassment law potentially burdens any workplace speech that's offensive to at least one person in the workplace based on that person's race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or, in some jurisdictions, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, citizenship status, or personal appearance, even when the speech is political and even when it's not severe or pervasive enough to itself be actionable.

The evidence I have set out--the best guess as to how a cautious employer would behave, the policies recommended by employment lawyers, the policies actually implemented by some employers, the injunctions issued by courts, the logic of the seventy-nine law professors' brief, the justification provided in the educational context by Professor Grey, even the recommended policy given by Professor Epstein herself--all points towards this.

The "regulatory reach" of harassment latino voices chat is certainly not limited to the "most objectively extreme, persistent, and erotic women ready bbw chat forms of conduct. Many employers will live dangerously--from prejudice, ignorance, or even a commitment to free expression. Many offended employees won't complain.

Many fact-finders will apply high thresholds of "severity" and "pervasiveness" rather than low ones.

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But this is true of all speech restrictions. Sexually themed literature wasn't completely suppressed by pres restrictive obscenity laws. Sedition laws are notoriously ineffective at suppressing sedition. Even the broadest libel laws would be vastly underenforced, and juries can exhibit unjustified hostility towards libel plaintiffs as well as unjustified sympathy. To properly measure harassment law's impact on speech, we should ask: What restrictions would prudent, law-abiding employers--employers who heed the EEOC's statement that "Prevention is the best tool for the elimination of sexual harassment" 66 --impose gay chat random roulette trying to avoid liability?

It's a mistake to hide behind the supposed shield of the severity and pervasiveness requirements. Harassment law puts at risk speech--including religious proselytizing, bigoted political statements, sexually themed humor, and sexually suggestive art--whether or not it's severe or pervasive. Whether this burden is justified is a matter that's been extensively debated elsewhere; 68 but there should be no denying that the burden exists.