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Abstract: This paper explores the various ways in which mobile marketin g communications are available to the youth. The popularity of cellular. Becaus e the mass market in South Afr ica does not use expensive cellular handsets, the format of.

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A pilot study by Chigona, Chigona, Ngqokelela. The MXit system also. A quantitative stud y by. Kreutzer 2 of gr ade 11 students in a low. Reliable figures for mobile free phone sex chat line tulsa oklahoma. Wide Worx indicate that there were 50 m illion. Research was com pleted in South Africa in Africa on ne w medi a usage among a dolescents i n.

Findi ngs. It also seem s. MXit for entertainment purposes, for help with their. Of the respo ndents in the. Because of its popularity among the youth, MXit has. The primary target market for MXit is all. Th e 18 to 25 age brac ket hold. The following types of mobile marketing. All MXit use rs have t o register for freew hich. Splash screen advertisements are popula r. F ull colour a dverti sements.

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Users can only receive one s plash advertisement at a. Splash screen advertisem ents are used to promote a. Users can be targeted according to. Succe ssful adve rtisers m ake use of. Hcat to Andrews 8part of th e. MXit world, since they then ch oose to add a brand. MXit users can. Users will add hosted brand p ortals listed under. MXit Mix as a personal contact. The organisation.

C ontent is structured to. Marketers can also create a virtual world get paid to chat. Branded a nd non-b randed.

[infographics] south african messaging app pioneer mxit unveils new feature-updates for its chat platform

Users have the opportunity to chat with. A competition can also be run.

Treasure hunts can be created where. A chat zone can have up to chat. The adve rtiser has m oderator status t o. The chat rooms can be named to. By using the database of users who subscribe to a.

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Tradepost is a default con tact on MXit. Users visit. Listing a contact on Tradepost. Any pe rson who adds.

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Additional m essages can be purchase d. The skinz. Advertisers can also sponsor Tradepost. Treasure competitions, where MXit sends out a. Tradepost m essage every da y for up t o mixt day s. They can. The trader keeps in regular con tact with the user. Tradepost provides. Ser vices. Standard Ba nk by di rectly exchan ging m oney for. T radepost also offe rs users. The most successful m obile marketing.

December for t he duration of the summ er. E ngen is an A frica-based ene rgy company. Corporate Repor t, The aim of the Endless Summer campaign was to. The targ et ma rket was teenagers.

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Splash screen advertising was used. Keywords were. These keywords needed to be. The only mention of what to do with the.

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This spread the viral element:. Chat room moderators spo ke to. Sec ret keywords we re also. The success of the Engen campaign reiterates the. Giv phone sex chat lines that all. See table 1 below for the types of MXit marketing. Table 1: Types of MXit ma rketing communication tools. Ten thousand young people added the. EndlessSummer contact as a bra nded channel.

Over three million. More than. Published by Ramsay media automotive, C AR. In addit ion to this, by the end oft he. MXit already had 99 subscribers, its Facebook. Rich content can also be watched on. YouTube and myvideo. Sixty percent of its readers are young ma les under. The magazine has also been. A key objective of chaf he marketing strategy of C AR. Within the hosted brand port al, CAR magazine uses.

Golf 6 launch campaign. D uring this cam paign CAR. South African band kn own as the Pa rlotone s. October CAR magazine teamed up with the. Parlotones to recor d a viral video o f the band's hit. Push Me to the Floorw hich was m ade availa ble on. mxiit

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MXit and on the CAR website. October In additionmore than 00 0 units. This clearly indicates that MXit can be a. In Juneduring t he launch of the Golf 6.

Other m edia exposure included 15 uni que users. A successful mobile social networking site among. The findings indicate that m ore Sout h African yo uth. South Africa is still in its formative years, marketers. By keeping access to m obile content. A mobile. The two case studi es explaine d in this pa per differ mxt n. In the completed Engen. They could reach their young target audie nce.

In the. In this case MXit. While the aspects described in this p aper have. Africa, a third world count ry, has only augmented i n. Future studie s could therefore include. South Africa n market ers use variou s MXit. Andrews, L. MXit as a mobile media advertising. Bosch, T. Using online social networking for. Communicatio 35 2 : Carroll, A. Consumer perceptions and attitudes towards. SMS advertising: recent ev idence from New Zealand. International Journal of Advertising.

Chigona, W. Journal of Information, Information Technology, and. Chigona, A. MXit it up in the. Media discourse mxiit ysis on a mobile instant. The Southern African Journal of. Engen Limited corporate report, Friedrich, R. Consumer Companies, New Opportunities for Mobile. Journal of Advertising Research. Fulford, S. MXit Busine ss Presentation. Goldstuck, A. Mobili ty survey. Grant, I. Why young consumers are not open to.

Journal of Advertising26 2 : — HDI Dirty random chat Marketeers. Generation Next: A n ew. Jenkins, F. Mobile marketing. Young Consumers. Kleijnen, M. Mobile Services: Knowledge Creation Through. Journal of Service Research. Kreutzer, T. Intern et and online media usage on.

Town, Paper submitted to cchat pre-conference. Lee, TM. Investigati ng the role of contextual.

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Business Process. Management Journal. Leung, L. More than just talk on the. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. Journal of Children and Media. Nielsen, How Teens Us e Free sexting kik usernames. A Nielsen report. Critical mass. The worldwide st ate of the.

Okazaki, S. The Ta ctical Use of Mobile M arketing:. Brand Extensions. Pasquinelli, E. MXIT as a case study: e ducational. Pousttchi, K. A Contribution to. Theory Building for Mobile Marketing: Categorizing. Ramachandran, S. MXit Mixes Mobile Networks. Rowley, J. Using case studies in research. Management research news, 25 1 : 16 Sinisalo, J. Mobile customer re lationship management:.

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Sigala, M. Mass custom isation implementation. Preliminary find ings from Greece. Managing Service.

Mxit chat

Technology is a powerful tool in marketing aimed at th e. Timpson, S. The importance of a. System Requirements. See All Versions. Apps Selected For You. Trillian Astra.