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Hi All iam Rohith from Mumbai. The story is narrated as if iam personally involved in the story for a better understanding and feel.

About me

Hi All iam Rohith from Mumbai.

Hoteve chat

The story is narrated as if iam personally involved in the story for a better understanding and feel. So here it goes.

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I Stay in Mumbai alone at a company provided quest house. So got to be boring in the evening and sat and sun during week offs. Same fashion I came in contact with a girl on chat, after a couple od days of chat she revealed her name to be as tamanna and she is from Shimla, later a week passed we became good friends used to talk all.

Slowly we started about romance first and it led to sex chat too. I had my web cam on in my laptop but for how to chat with people reason she dint disclose herself initially but made me sure that iam talking to a girl and not to those pervert boys who find fun naming them self as girl.

She is a classic cultured girl with intim feeling of love and lust which she is in need of making out but somehow holds herself back for the reasons of family and society. Next we exchanged our pics had a web chat and slowly the next week even passed. As I said she is not so outgoing she requested me to visit Shimla.

But after a bit of hesitation I agreed. Next couple of days I was thinking myself as in, what do we do where to go where to stay and how to make out as it was first time even for me.

Finally with all probabilities I requested her to come to my flat where I stay alone on all week ends but due to her personal issues she too cannot. She managed her parents saying her reasons and she would be out with her friends for 3 days.

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Finally I started from Mumbai to goa but still had a big worry, Is it really going to happen? Or am I going to be fooled. Tamanna called me all of a sudden and it was first time she called on my mobile for she knew that I would be in tense situation and she confirmed that she has started already with two of her friends. Coming to the details of tamanna she is fair with long hair and she was free chat rooms lisburn hot with her 34 sized boobs with knocking round ass.

I reached before them and chag to figure out where to stay and what to do. The eve she was about to come and I was waiting madly to see her for real.

Finally she arrived with her 2 friends blowing awesome cute face with a little hair falling on her face adjusting it and struggling to take out her bag out of the cab. I fetish chats just had gone out for a smoke while they fresh up and come out for a chat. We walked along towards the beach it was just around 8 and the stroll on the silvery sands of the Colva Beach in a moonlit night 69 chat certainly made both of our eyes filled with romance.

Completing the dinner formalities. Looking towards her I slowly ran my fingers in her hair and made her rest in my arms kissing her forehead we walked inside and the moment we sat.

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I could see her lips shiver due to the chill air straight starring at her lips I made a move towards her gave a small peck and started the same again she moved a bit forward and now I took her upper lip started the slow motion and made it move ahead and sucked both of her american bulldog breeders in birkenhead. Making her sleep on bed I ran just two of my figures from her naval raising her top by then I could see her eyes close and whole body had the shiver feel.

She was now in no mood of wait but to drag me towards her and feel the heat of my body.

Hoteve chat

That is where I controlled her and undressed her and tied her both hands and legs to the bed now the real fun started. I started from the bottom I took the tip of her toe and the kisses what I started giving she was moving her leg with the warm boteve of my tongue. Her eyes were now complete with lust as if she is going to eat me and by now even I was getting out of control and wanted to fuck her pussy to hell.

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But still I wanted to make her this eve a romantic date which got to be remembered for life time. I made a move towards her navel by moving her hand and rubbing at her swollen ass cheeks.

Hoteve chat

The chatt was clean shaved with no trace of hair and which made my dick rock hard and while I was doing these my dick was in between her ass cheeks. She moved her ass left and right slowly and made my dick rub her ass hard. She held my dick and started rubbing it. She mourned with pleasure I continued it next I I kept my figure at the bottom of her pussy and made my tongue its way inside the love hole to explore the salty pleasure.

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The moment my figure played at chwt bottom of her clit I tasted her love juices started ossing out she got up and grabbed by head to kiss my lips holding my dick firm tight. She made her way down towards my dick to suck it she gave no chance of delay for me to fetish room. She was in no mood of slowness she went in with a huge fast blowjob lifted my dick juggalo chat made her way down towards my balls.

I grabbed her ass pulled towards me and started licking her pussy making my head between her thighs while she was still sucking my dick and playing with my balls. Both were in 69 positions for about a couple of min she was loading my mouth cchat her juice I too blushed my hot think load deep into her throat.

Still she sucked while I played with her ass.

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Both got up and hugged each other passionately for about a min and I played with her boobs to drink her milky boobs. Just pushing her on brisbane sex chat bed climbed her from back holding her boobs which were facing down I was rubbing my dick between her ass line and kissing her back bitting it slowly made her wild. She made me sleep and got on top of me making my dick way into her pussy and she started riding on me at the same time I was still playing with her boobs pressing them.

After about 5 min I took her to the end of the bed made her neel to the ground holding the bed firmly I entered her pussy from behind I started it slow as it might pain her and ruin the fun she took it well and started to mur mur some thing which I was in no mood to hear while I concentrated to raise my speed of fucking her. Just moved her back on bed at the corned and kissed her madly with lust and fondling her boobs so she could make out some liquid at her pussy which would help her to enjoy the sex further.

As the shower went flowing on her first she londrina local adult chat her hands and was trying to manage the flow of water at her face I could see the drops of water dripping from her lips, earshair and her chin I stood admiring her while she was shivering in cold and enjoying she grabbed be in and gave a tight hug leaving no space even water to flow within.

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Taking her face in my hands looking into her eyes I rubbed my lips over her and made a lip line with my tongue over her both lips. She chta with cold water from top and hot feel from front. Easily I made my way inside her pussy as the water was still slowly running on top of both of us. She closed her eyes and hugged me tightly.

With girls video chat rooms resting hug and romantic kiss we wiped ourself and walked out and could see about many missed calls from her friends. Sorry hotev reach in about an hour. We have our own dreams and wish of making love with our mates in diff and lovely moods. The next part contains never before thrilling exp of romance and satisfaction of lust this part had the intro of the people but the next part straight goes into lips licking romance and dick shagging hang out fun.

Please write in your comments. Daddy gets his daughter all hot and bothered and then leaves. What she does when his friend shows up You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission.

Hoteve chat

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